NationStates Endorsement Aid

This site is a utility to help you endorse all other World Assembly regions within your region on NationStates.net. This process is called "endotarting", and it's the fastest way to gain endorsements, yourself, as well as build influence. You can use the controls below to input your nation and region to get a list of everyone you haven't endorsed as of the last daily database update.

Last Update: Jun 14 2024 at 00:00, PDT

Why Endorsements Matter

For most regions, influence is a great boon. In addition to providing you another potential gold 1% census badge, it's also a vital component of regional security. When a region loses its Governor, the region's World Assembly Delegate will gain executive authority over the region and be able to control almost all aspects of its administration. Since the Delegate is whichever nation has the most endorsements, a region can become hijacked by a coordinated, hostile takeover with little to no notice. In these takeovers, it is possible for invaders to destroy the region and all of its posts and history.

One saving grace is that while a Governor may ban nations for free, an invader must spend influence to do it. For Delegates, the cost is half what the nation they want to ban has. Therefore, the more influence a native nation has, the harder it is to ban them. Influence in non-frontier regions never decays, so the earlier you start sending and receiving endorsements, the more influence you can build up to protect yourself and your region. This technique is called an Influence Fortress, and is one of the best methods of ensuring that your region is never destroyed.

Be aware that some regions have limits on how many endorsements a nation can legally have. You may wish to check if your region is one with such limits.